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7 Provisions for Smooth Sailing Vendor Contracts

Vendor contracts are agreements with other companies that provide you your product, or a component of your product or service, for use in your own business. From this definition alone, we can see the importance of a vendor contract in successful operations; and there...

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13 Essential Employment Contract Provisions

There are as many types of employment agreements as there are industries. A machinist, a college professor, and a non-profit director will all have unique contracts specific to their vocation. But there are universal provisions off of which each unique contract...

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Fortifying Your Customer Contracts

For business done on the final leg in the chain of commerce – that is, directly to the customer – the sales or service agreement needs to be especially well thought-out. Customers often lack knowledge of your industry and yet exercise the highest scrutiny of the goods...

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Vendor Warranties and the Art of Accountability

At its heart, a contract is nothing more than a series of promises. While agreements to perform and compensate are hallmarks of a contract, other lesser-acknowledged promises, known as representations and warranties, set standards for performance and allocate risk. In...

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