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Trademark Search and Report

The first step for any registered trademark is a thorough search of federal, state, and common law databases to determine whether your mark is distinct enough to register.

At Daniel Ross & Associates, a trained professional will complete this thorough search, and provide you with an educational and in-depth report of the findings. 

Trademark Prosecution

Once your search has been conducted, Daniel Ross & Associates will assist in filing for registration with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

We handle regular correspondence, actions, and follow-up with Trademark Examiners during the examination process to ensure expedience for your application.

Trademark Litigation

Daniel Ross & Associates assists in safeguarding your intellectual property against infringing uses.

From cease and desist letters to negotiating settlements and litigation, Daniel Ross & Associates helps you feel confident that your trademark is yours alone.


Trademark Policing

Once you’ve secured your mark, the law requires you to police against infringing use. 

Daniel Ross & Associates offers vigilant watchdog services to prevent unauthorized use.


“Dan took care of EVERYTHING.

He exceeded all my expectations. Using Dan to take care of my trademark work was as easy as writing a check.

I never had to worry about following up on the progress/status of the application. He made the process painless.

I can’t recommend his services highly enough.”

Brian S, Client


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