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At Daniel Ross & Associates LLC, we pride ourselves on being your premier and affordable legal resource for businesses. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, our talented staff has provided high-quality business law services to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and scale-ups since January 2016.

Very friendly, broke down my inquiry into layman’s terms that I could personally comprehend. Fast response time with questions I had in regards to a business structure.

I will work with Daniel Ross and Associates going forward.

Cale H.


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Daniel Ross excels at small business planning, trademarks, copyrights, document drafting, review, and negotiation.  Daniel attended The University of Akron McDowell School of Law and graduated magna cum laude with his Juris Doctor.
Daniel Ross

Founder, Managing Member

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As a new or emerging business, we can provide you with the documents you need to succeed.

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How Do I Hold My Business Partner Accountable?

How Do I Hold My Business Partner Accountable?

https://youtu.be/62IIJuzOZm8 If you’re considering adding a business partner to your company, or you’ve already got a partner and want to make sure everyone is held accountable, it’s important to have the right documents in place...

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Can I Trademark a Product Name?

Can I Trademark a Product Name?

https://youtu.be/o5eKmmHZKjk Absolutely! Many people ask this question as they think they are limited to trademarking just the overall company brand name. However, as long as you're using a brand to promote a product or service, then that product or service brand...

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Does My Trademark Registration Include Other Countries?

Does My Trademark Registration Include Other Countries?

https://youtu.be/1eUN7pJnYF8 A U.S. trademark registration extends to all 50 states and commonwealths, but doesn’t, in and of itself, extend to other countries. However, there are special considerations that United States laws give to other treaty countries through...

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“Dan is always available, insightful, and educational. He’s been integral in a number of company projects. Trademarks, contracting – he does a lot, and he’s a great asset for our business and legal interests.”
Vinny Maculaitis, Client
Vice President Marketing, Montrose Auto Groups; Vice President, PM International (FitLine / BeautyLine)

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We pride ourselves on communication, education, a quick turnaround time, and the ability to make house or office calls to best serve you.

Daniel Ross & Associates provides nationwide service in trademark and copyright matters.

We proudly serve Cleveland and Northeast Ohio for all other business needs.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please reach out by phone, email, direct message, or even text, and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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