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It’s been an exciting few months watching DR&A grow. Our website launch is just another mark in a year full of milestones, so thank you for visiting and helping us celebrate. As I write this post, I’m looking out the window of the new Lakewood office and I see storefronts hanging “Open” signs and hear the growing bustle of downtown nearby; and I can’t help but think that Cleveland is a community with its best days ahead. I’m more than excited that we’re a part of it. And I hope we get to meet you very soon at one of the area’s community events.

This blog space has some exciting things planned for it, as well. Our clients know that education is an integral part of our service, so it comes as no surprise that the first blog series will be the “101s,” where we’ll provide a fundamental understanding of all the small business legal practices that you, as a business owner, should know about. Entity selection, governing documents, tax elections, property leasing, intellectual property — you name it, we’ll cover it. And if you’ve got a topic on your mind that we haven’t covered yet, send us a message and you may see it in a future entry!

The long-term goal of the DR&A blog will be to create an educational database for curious business owners. Starting and running a business is difficult enough without lacking the resources to make and take informed decisions and actions. We’ll aim to expand on our 101 series with more intricate and specialized topics so readers have a jumping-off point for their legal questions. And, of course, we always welcome follow-up questions!

Thank you again for reading the inaugural blog entry — I hope your interest has been piqued. If so, please consider subscribing to blog updates, following our Twitter, and connecting with us on LinkedIn.

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