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Trademark Registration and Renewal

Daniel Ross and Associates is a Cleveland-based law firm helping the businesses of Northeast Ohio with their development, contract, copyright, and trademark needs!

In today’s blog, we are discussing the basics of trademark registrations and renewals for your intellectual property.

What is a Trademark Conflict Search?

A trademark conflict search is the due diligence that you need to perform before you apply for a trademark application. The point of this search is to identify any potential confusion conflicts with prior registrations or prior applicants that operate in the same/ similar industry that you do.

How Often do I have to Renew My Trademark?

It is important to know that once you obtain trademark registration, it’s not permanent; you need to renew periodically. The first of these periods is between the fifth and sixth year of registration. The second is between the ninth and tenth year registration, and then it’s 10 years thereafter to continue the extension of your registration.

This really is important to keep an eye on so that you don’t miss any deadlines and you are keeping your intellectual property portfolio current and active.

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