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Daniel Ross & Associates offers comprehensive contracting services for all your personal and business endeavors.

We do licensing, buy-sells, employment, independent contracting, non-disclosures, real estate, and more.

Document Drafting

Does your business operate in “handshake” agreements only?

Let us craft your fundamental agreement from the ground up.

Daniel Ross & Associates includes comprehensive consultations, drafting, and revision process, so that you can conduct business with peace of mind.

Document Revision

Does your business have existing documents in place?

Daniel Ross & Associates will update an existing agreement to reflect developments in your business.

After a comprehensive consultation, we revise your contract with proper language and format to give legal effect to real-world changes in venture.

Document Review

Walk through a preexisting or proposed agreement with one of Daniel Ross & Associates’ legal experts for full clarity of every term and provision.


Let us help you protect your business.

“Dan does exceptional work when it comes to trademarks, licensing, contracts, and development. He is very knowledgeable and customer-focused. Every client I’ve referred to Dan raved about his passion and attention to detail. Highly recommend!

Dan T, Client

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