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Trademark Search

A conflict search of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and other databases can clear the way for registration or identify other conflicting marks. We conduct a thorough search and provide you with the results in an opinion letter so you’re well-equipped for the next step.

Trademark Prosecution

Registering your trademark with the USPTO provides nationwide protection and allows you to grow your brand as an asset. We take care of the intricacies of trademark filing from beginning to end, including office action responses and opposition proceedings. We also docket your mark so you know when to file for renewal.



The toughest challenge for a trademark owner is protecting against trademark infringement. For this, you’ll need a reliable system of detection. Our watchdog service provides constant monitoring against conflicts. We also handle demand letters, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and litigation when infringement does occur.  

Licensing and Assignments

A valuable brand can be capitalized through sale, licensure, and white labeling. These ventures require detail-oriented agreements that properly capture the parties’ relationship and ensure quality control for your brand. We offer experienced contract drafting, review, and negotiation.


Why choose us?

  • We Are Trusted Industry Leaders – Daniel’s award-winning writing on trademark law has been featured by some of the nation’s most respected business and intellectual property publications.


  • We Provide Personal Service – Unlike some bigger firms, every trademark matter is handled by Daniel directly.


  • We Offer Competitive Flat Rates – No surprises. The entire trademark process is itemized for you, and our number one goal is value.


  • We Give Free Consultations – Get to know us and the trademark process before committing. We’ll educate you on each step so you know what to expect.



“Dan took care of EVERYTHING.

He exceeded all my expectations. Using Dan to take care of my trademark work was as easy as writing a check.

I never had to worry about following up on the progress/status of the application. He made the process painless.

I can’t recommend his services highly enough.”

Brian S, Client


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